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Virginia Orthopaedic Shoulder Surgery Specialist

Use a specialized treatment plan to return to excellence. Eliminate shoulder pain and the fear of a difficult recovery. Specializing in arthroscopic repairs, rotator cuff injuries, shoulder arthritis and replacements, shoulder fractures, and instability.

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Treating Shoulder Pain 


The shoulder is such a complex joint that treating disorders like rotator cuff tears, labral tears, instability, arthritis and fractures requires experience. Only through careful attention to detail and a thorough knowledge of shoulder disorders can the problem be adequately addressed. I have devoted over 25 years of my orthopaedic practice to becoming a shoulder specialist and strive to provide the best experience possible to help you eliminate shoulder pain.

Connecticut shoulder surgery specialist

Loel Z. Payne, M.D.



Dr. Payne can provide second opinions for all types of shoulder disorders. He also provides a complimentary review of your shoulder x-rays or MRI to determine if a consultation office visit would be beneficial.


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