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The Simple Shoulder Replacement

The Simple Shoulder Replacement incorporates the latest advances in shoulder replacement to speed up your recovery.

1. Uses a minimally invasive "stemless" implant that has been shown to result in less blood loss at surgery, less pain to speed recovery, less time in the operating room and bone preservation for any further surgeries. The surgery is named for the Simpliciti implant by Stryker Tornier.

2. Regional anesthesia which numbs the arm often lasting for over 12 hours. General anesthesia can be avoided in many patients.

3. Outpatient surgery for patients without significant medical problems so you can enjoy the recovery at home. Watch my video on outpatient shoulder replacement.

4. Expedited physical therapy program to allow for a faster recovery. Many patients report that by 2 weeks postop their pain is better than before surgery. Most patients are resuming all activities by 3 months. This is a faster recovery and usually less painful surgery than a rotator cuff repair.


Watch video of a patient who had a simple shoulder replacement and is only 4 weeks after surgery.

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