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Super-Specialist Treatment Plan

  1. Choose a physician with specialty training in shoulder surgery. Dr. Payne did a fellowship year in shoulder surgery at the Hospital for Special Surgery; rated #1 in US for orthopaedics.

  2. Choose a physician who focuses the majority of their practice on shoulder problems. Over 2/3 of Dr. Payne's practice is shoulder.

  3. Choose a physical therapist with a specific orthopaedic focus. The therapists at Tidewater Orthopaedics are specialty trained in orthopaedics and treat all types of shoulder pathology.

  4. Choose a surgery facility that specializes in orthopaedics. The Careplex Orthopaedic Hospital and Ambulatory Surgery Center have one of the lowest complication rates and infection rates in Virginia.

  5. Choose a treatment team that understands the fear and frustration caused by shoulder pain and works with you to eliminate these concerns. It is time to return you to excellence.

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