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Request a Second Opinion or X-Ray/MRI/CT scan review

Many people have doubts if a second opinion is worthwhile or if it may offend their doctor. Dr. Payne frequently encourages second opinions if there is any doubt in the diagnosis or treatment plan.

Call 1-757-827-2480 (ext. 217) to request a second opinion or X-ray/MRI review

When coming for a second opinion appointment, please bring the following information to insure your time is productive:

  • Office notes from treating physicians

  • Operative reports from any shoulder surgeries

  • All X-rays and MRIs on a CD with the written radiology reports  for these studies.​​

For X-ray, MRI or CT scan review, please allow 7-10 business days for the review to determine if an appointment with Dr. Payne would be beneficial. This review is NOT a treatment recommendation as that can only be provided after a careful physical examination. We will not be responsible for materials lost through the mail, so please retain a copy for your records. Provide a self-addressed stamped envelope if you wish your records returned to you.

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